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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Himachal Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 43857552
Closing Date 20 - May - 2021  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of machinery & equipments pulley puller with 3 legs (300 mm), bearing puller (outside), scissors blade, ss (200 mm), wire cutter & stripper, divider, 150 mm spring type, gauge, wire imperial stainlees steel marked in swg & mm, wire gauge- metric, oil can, 250ml, cut out relays 16a, 440v, hydrometer, 0-6 mm capacity, hand drill machine , load bank (lamp/heater type ), 6 kw three phase, laboratory type induction coil, 1000 w, thermometer digital ,0 c- 150 c, earth plate, 60cm *60cm*3.15mm copper plate 60cm*60cm*6mm gi plate (each), earth electrode, primary electrode 2100*28*3.25mm secondary cu strip 20*25mm, mccb, elcb and rccb, 25amps, double pole and 25amps, double pole,1/n 30 ma(each), fuses, hrc glass and rewire type (each), rheostat (sliding type), 0-300 ohm, 2amp, capacitor electroiytic, capaictor ceramic, capaictor polyester film, capaictor variable , capaictor dual run, various electronic components ,resistors, diode, transistor, ujt, fet, scr, diac, traic, igbt, small transformer etc.(each), hp mercury vapor lamp 250 watt, 220 v ac, high- pressure sodium lamp 150 w,220v ac, low-pressure sodium lamp 35 w, led 20 w, plug socket, 230v 5 a, piano switch,230v 5 a, lamp holder, 230v 5 a, twisted pair cable, non- metallic sheathed cable , underground feeder cable , ribbon cable , metallic sheathed cable , multi n- conductor cable , coaxial cable , direct- buried cable , bus bar with brackets, 1 meter each , rubber mat, 2' * 4' * 1", electrician helmet , yellow colour, rcc pole with accessories (ms angle iron,'c' clamp, stay insulator etc.) and materials, 6 meter , safety belt, standerd quality, ohm meter;series type & shunt type , portable box type (each), 50/2000-ohm analog, digital multi meter, dc 200mv -1000v,0 – 10a & ac 200mv- 750v , 0-10a, resistance 0-20 m? and 3 1/2 digit, a.c voltmeter m.i. analog portable box type housed in bakelite case , multi range 75v-150v-300v-600v, milli voltmeter centre zero analog, protable box type housed in bakelite case, 100-0-100 mv, ammeter mc analog, portable box type housed in bakelite case (each), 0-500ma,0-5 a, 0-25 a, ammeter mi analog, portable box type housed in bakelite case (each), 0-1 a, 0-5 a, 0-25 a, kilo wattmeter analog(each), 0-1.5-3kw, pressure coil rating- 240v/440v, current rating-5a/10a analoge, portable type housed in bakelite case, digital wattmeter, 230 v,1 kw, 50 hz, a.c. energy meter, single phase, 10 a, 240 v induction type , a.c. energy meter, three phase, 15 a, 440v inducation type, power factor meter digital , 440v, 20 a, three phase portable box type, frequency meter, 45 to 55 hz, lux meter , lux meter lcd read out 0.05 to 7000 lumens with battery., tachometer , analog type-10000 rpm, tong tester / clamp meter, 0-100 a (ditital type ) , megger , analog -500 v, wheat stone bridge with galvanometer and battery , phase sequence indicator, 3 phase, 415 v, resistance type starter ,for a.c motors of 2 to 5 h.p , star delta starter – semi automatic starter , for a.c motor for 2-5 hp, star delta starter – fully automatic, for a.c motors of 2 to 5 h.p, star delta starter - soft starter, for a.c motors of 2 to 5 h.p, temperature controlled soldring iron, 50 watt , 230 volt , discrete component trainer , discrete component (for diode and transistor circuit) with regulated power supply +5,0- 5 v,+12 ,0-12 v, battery charger , 0-6-9-12-24-48v,30amp, soler panel with battery , 18 watt , thyristor /igbt controlled d.c. motor drive with tacho-generator feedback arrangement , 1 hp, thyristor/igbt controlled a.c. motor drive with vvvf control 3 phase, 2 hp, three phase transformer shell type oil cooled with delta /star , 3 kva 415/240v 50 hz, pillar electric drill machine motorized , 12-20mm capacity ,1hp, 440 v , 3 phase induction, motorised bench grinder, 440v with dol starter double side , a.c. series type motor, 1 hp, 240 v, 50 hz, single phase capacitor motor with, starter switch, 1 hp, 240 v, 50 hz, manual motor coil winding machine ,with step arbor , primary current injection set, 220v,50hz,1-$ ouput current 200a(min\) with time, metal rack ,100cm*150cm*45cm , fire buckets, standard size for electrician trade
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